New youtube of ActionRPG

Have a gander at my latest triumph!

Keep your eyes open for:
– town map
– NPCs (can’t use them yet, but the Talk action appears when you face them)
– bouncing items
– new monsters
– magical items

That’s right: Magical Items are in! The eight properties I listed in the last blog post are all in, I focused on just those. The way I have it set up, I’ll be able to give monsters many of the same properties, if not all of them. I’m also all set to add unique items with multiple properties. I’m going to step back from this project for a little bit to see what’s next to do… Probably skills and magic. Or sound (I know, mrfun, I know!)

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3 Responses to “New youtube of ActionRPG”

  1. lemur Says:

    now, howsabout walls that block movement?

  2. myorke99 Says:

    hahaha! a plan is formed!

  3. Viridian Says:

    Excellent! Looking very spiffy. The idea of a Diablo clone with cutesy Final Fantasy sprites really appeals to me.

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