There’s no escape!

At lemur’s request, I dropped in wall collision detection. You can’t walk through walls anymore! It really changes how I find myself collecting items, because I can’t just run away from the monsters forever anymore.

I had no problem putting in wall collisions for underneath the town, as I was generating the maps myself. Getting the town to block my movements was a little trickier. When I originally put in support for the town tilemap, I built the map in Mappy and exported a .MAP file; that file contained only indices into the tileset bitmap so I had something to draw with. I didn’t have any collision information for when I decided to do this, so I had to try and load .FMP files that would have collision info in it. I fought with it, but I got it in.

Wall collision isn’t exactly something I consider worth making an avi over. Posting a picture of it isn’t really going to show much, either. I’d like to have something visual to post every time with, but that just isn’t possible every time. I’ve got a ton of stuff still to do before I’m looking at a Diablo clone, but I’m inching every closer with every step I take.

I think the next thing I’ll be doing is to improve on the floor layout of the dungeons. There’s nothing but open space!

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One Response to “There’s no escape!”

  1. playdeezgames Says:

    “…and this is a video of the character not running through the walls. see how the little feet move, but the character remains motionless? good stuff.”

    Yeah, i can see how that wouldn’t make for good video.

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