Planitia Demo released!!

Woohoo, now we get to play with Viridian’s work-in-progress, Planitia! I was playing around with it and took this screenshot:


“Help, we’ve fallen into the water and we can’t get up!”

Hehe. That’ll learn them farmers. Move around and bore your god will you? Only a shot of lightning will entertain him.. and send you flying! Only.. you forgot to go back to your farms for some reason. Oh well. BAZOOMF! Hee hee!


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One Response to “Planitia Demo released!!”

  1. Viridian Says:

    Wow, that’s an awful frame rate…I wonder why.

    And I know that I personally have never managed to get all my villages in one long diagonal line; good job!

    Need to get drowning in next.

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