Which path to take?

Well I don’t have anything really worth posting about aside from what I’ve been doing lately. As far as projects go, I haven’t done a whole lot of anything. I’ve been soaking up some knowledge about XNA – I joined the XNA Creator’s Club and did the 2D and 3D newbie tutorials.

I’m set to start learning more about specific tasks I’ll need to accomplish my goals, but.. What are those goals again? Restart and finish ActionRPG? Start something more 3D Zelda-ish? Something completely different? I was thinking I should pick up Blender and start learning it better, but unless I need it to do the Project I’m Working On, it’s wasting time, isn’t it?

It seems like whenever I take a break, I come back and have no idea what my goals were. I’ll have to get digging.



One Response to “Which path to take?”

  1. Playdeez Games Says:

    You need to play HamQuest


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