To put it simply, I’m a hobbyist game coder. Gimme some coffee and I’ll say something more interesting.

Upgraded HP Budget Box System Specs:
– 1.6ghz intel pentium “dual” w/ 2gb ram
– windows vista home premium 32-bit
– 4.7 “windows experience index” (whatever that is)
– geforce 9600 gt
– xbox360 usb gamepad
– logitech dual action gamepad

Contacting Me
If you want to get into contact with me, click on the IRC link and find me there. That’s the best route to go. If you insist on IM’ing, I use MSN; you can annoy me at myorke99 ‘\@’ hotmail ‘\.’ com. If you like emails best, use the same. Make sure you put something in the subject line that WON’T make me immediately put you in my spam folder.

Old Gamedev Journal
I used to write semi-regularly at gamedev.net. If you’re interested in what I was doing before I started posting here, feel free to visit my old journal.

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