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Magical properties on items

January 14, 2008

I should make it clear from the outset that all of the information I’m using about Diablo is gathered from my personal experience, Planet Diablo, and Jarulf’s Guide. After reading up on alot of the item stuff, I’ve decided that I don’t need to have things exact. I do have something that I can use as a guide now, though. I was punching keys in the fog up until now.

To start, I’m going to pick a couple of magical properties that I can put into the game right away. I’m not going to worry about the quality of the item; I’m going to pick completely at random which properties to add. Let’s have a quick look at some properties I could use already:


  • Knockback
  • +% to Damage
  • +n to Damage
  • % Steal Life


  • +n to Life 
  • +% to Armor
  • -n to Damage
  • Attacker Takes n Damage

For many of these properties, there are a series of prefixes and suffixes that have a potential value range. For instance, if it were decided that an item was to be created with the property “+n to Life”, that property could be any one of the following suffixes: “of the Eagle”, “of the Jaguar”, or “of the Lion”. There are several others it could have been as well, but the idea remains – we will need to look up and attach a prefix or suffix that will fit based on the value we chose, when we create the item.

For my first attempt at adding magical properties, all items will be given one and only one magical property. i’ll generate magic items 100% of the time they’re dropped and there will be an even chance to get each bonus. I’ll be set to support two properties and possibly even unique items at that point.