Join us in Internet Relay Chat!

The easiest way to do that is to use the java chat app which you can find here. I recommend using an IRC client like those you can find at or, though.

Try to keep on-topic – anything game or game development related. Keep in mind that programming chat is allowed but we’d really like to keep it game-specific, or at least something that’s related to games somehow (for example, website authoring for your shareware games business). Any game-related topic works: board games, crossword puzzles, console (video) games, pc games, mac games, pen and paper rpgs.. if it’s at all related to games, feel free to discuss it!


There are several rules that comprise general chat policy:

1. Because the channel is frequented by teenagers as well, keep topics family-friendly. That means
– No drug-related topics.
– No sex-related topics.
– Keep swearing to a minimum.
– Depending on how explicit the discussion is, warnings may or may not be given before a ban.
2. Warez talk is highly discouraged in the channel.
3. Respect should be shown to your fellow channel mates. As such, avoid insulting their family members.
4. In the event of a heated discussion, if you are asked by the operator to tone down or even switch to another topic, kindly do so. Failure to do so will result in a ban.
5. Do not use obtrusive scripts/bots in the channel.
6. No flooding/spamming of the channel. You will be kicked or banned, depending on the content. Accidental paste which lead to spam are normally forgiven, but a kick might be issued in case the operator notice it and wish to stop the flood.
7. If you need to paste more than a couple of lines of code, please use a paste site. For instance
8. Use your own best judgement; the ops will be using theirs.

We like to have fun, but if you cross the line between having fun and bothering us, you will be removed from our channel immediately (by the op with the fastest trigger finger) and possibly banned. Banning will occur at the staffs’ uniform or majority discretion.

Credit should be given to the guys over at for a well-made rules list. Yoink! I also have to thank Uhfgood for a nice opening.

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