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How’d I miss Blogging Ultima?

January 19, 2008

I think I remember Viridian talking about it with someone else, but for some reason I didn’t see any reason to go check it out at the time. Well I googled last night and started reading Blogging Ultima. Cool stuff!

I don’t remember Ultima being like this at all! I’ve got entirely the wrong idea of it – the only Ultima experiences I’ve got are of the NES ports of Exodus (FCI didn’t tell me it was U3) and Avatar (I don’t even know which number this one is). Actually, if you decide to follow that link to gamespot for Avatar check out the name – “ultima seishahenomichi” – what’s that all about? I tried taking different combinations of the syllables and looked them up in my Japanese dictionary, but I didn’t make any sense out of it. Then I looked up its Moby Games entry, and it says that the famicom (japanese) version had the title “Ultima: Kyōfu no Exodus”, so I have no idea what was going on at gamespot. Maybe I’ll stick to Moby Games for links from now on.

Ultima: Exodus 

One year my mom decided to buy me an NES game for my birthday – she never bought me games; only at christmas if I was begging really hard for it (Mario 3 was always too expensive, that woman was a rock about it!) How she arrived at the decision to get me Ultima: Exodus, I’ll never know. I threw it in the NES and played it for 5 minutes and decided it wasn’t worth my time, but I paid her proper lipservice for the attempt. (You never know, she might try again!) Well that summer I decided that I was going to sit down with some pencils and graph paper and beat the crap out of the game. I couldn’t stand that it was the only game I owned that I hadn’t yet beaten – even if it seemed like a crappy game. Well I put in a couple of weeks and finally got to Exodus, and destroyed it. The walls started falling and I was crushed. Every time I killed him, I was crushed by falling walls. I threw my hands in the air and decided it was close enough. Talk about an anti-climax.

Well, now I’m reading Blogging Ultima and it doesn’t seem quite like I remember. Did I play the same game? I can see myself doing a Blogging Ultima Exodus NES sometime – just to answer that very question. We’ll see what the future brings.

Ultima:  Quest of the Avatar

I saw Ultima: Avatar in Nintendo Power and decided that it might be worth a rent sometime. I rented it and played it, but I felt pretty much the same way about it as I had felt about Ultima: Exodus. The goals weren’t defined very clearly and I didn’t understand alot about the game. Who was the Big Badguy this time? And what’s all this about virtue? Am I playing a bible game? Anyways I liked the graphics, and I really enjoyed stealing boats (you can do that in Exodus, I know), but the game just didn’t pan out for me.

I wound up emulating it a couple of months ago, just to see if I could get through the game – without cheating – and I didn’t get through much of it before I put it down. I took some notes and took a screenshot of the map (that’s not cheating!) and printed off an edited version so I could write on it. I think I’ll play through this game as well, if I decide to pick up Exodus.

That’s it for now, I’ve got more Blogging Ultima to read!

I completely forgot that there was a third NES port in the Ultima series, Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny. The thing was a 3/4 view game I’ve never had interest in playing. I haven’t touched it to this day. I’ll see what Blogging Ultima says and maybe I’ll consider looking at it.