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January 28, 2008

Once again, Viridian came through with another great clicky for me yesterday. There’s this guy over on youtube that goes by the handle DeceasedCrab who makes these “Let’s Play _____” movies. Basically he just plays the game and entertains us with his commentary as he goes along.

Yesterday I spent what seems to have been a good 3 hours watching “Let’s Play Cocoron“. Don’t worry, it’s safe for the whole family. (Uhfgood, I’m looking in your direction ūüėČ ) I had a bit of difficulty finding any decent information on the game.

Cocoron is a side-scrolling platformer that was only released for the Famicom (the japanese equivalent of our NES system). With the magic of emulation, you can download an english-patched version and enjoy this game yourself. The game feels very much like the Megaman series, and I’m positive some of the sounds were taken right out of Capcom’s hit game.

You will create a series of heroes from lists of heads, bodies, and weapons; each of these differing by weight (which determines how high you can jump), HP (how much health you can get), power (damage done), as well as effects such as increased speed, the ability to stick to slopes, and even hovering capability. As you work through the game, monsters drop hearts to replenish health, or powerups to increase the level of your weapon to its maximum. Each weapon acts differently, and as you power it through its levels it will get bigger or multiply.

There are five levels you can move between, and each of the three stage sections are chosen randomly from a set of premade sections. There is a transition section where the two unique level types meet. Some of the sections are short, which gets you to your destination fairly quickly; some of the sections are long, and seem to take forever to complete. Enemy placement seems just as random as the selection of sections: You can wind up with very easy enemies littering the level, or very hard enemies. It seems as if everything in this whole game is subject to the roll of a die.

If you were a fan of the old-skool Megaman platformers, I recommend that you at least watch some of DeceasedCrab’s videos. When I downloaded and played it, I honestly felt like¬†I was still watching him play all over again – it’s hard to play any differently than what you see him do. I’m of the opinion that everyone should be exposed to different kinds of games¬†– especially ones we probably haven’t ever heard of – to experience what could have been. On top of that, I think a person might afterwards have a few more things in their idea trunk when they need to rummage for some.