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Still Alive II

January 26, 2009

It’s been what, 9 months since I last posted? I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like to get coding again, it’s been a long time.

For anyone wondering what I’ve been doing in that whole time: I’ve been watching ALOT of anime. I don’t think I’ve got much in the way of recommendations though, the kind of anime I enjoy most isn’t exactly mainstream (do not misread that as “hentai”!). I’ve recently been trying to catch up on well-known shows I haven’t caught yet, like Cowboy Bebop and Ah! My Goddess.

Besides anime, I found myself hooked on Final Fantasy XI (aka Final Fantasy Online) for about 3 months. I learned quite a bit about the MMO community. When I quit, I found I was so disgusted with people that I just couldn’t continue on. I’ve mellowed out about that since then and have rejoined as a casual player; I only play once or twice a week now.

To help in getting back into the swing of things, I figured it would be a good idea to play some of those old games that inspired me before. I took a quick 4 hour jaunt through Dragon Warrior I, start to finish, and thought I’d amuse myself by carrying the princess everywhere. Here’s a couple of screenshots I took:


“Don’t tell your dad, or we’re gonna get in big trouble!”


“Break out the beers, it’s party time at the DragonLord’s hizouse!”

And yes, we cleaned the floor with that dork.