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Restricted Area

February 2, 2008

I played a little bit with the other three characters. One is a japanese guy specializing in kung-fu and swordplay; I didn’t play with him for very long. One is a girl with a leather bra and miniskirt who uses psychic abilities like psy-bolts and mind control. A little more interesting, but I’ve never been a big fan of the mage classes in these.

The fourth character is a hacker. She’s by far the most interesting character in the game for me, because she can access cyberspace:


I’ve got my hacker working at breaking in and getting something. The letters aren’t meaningful at all, it just randomly picks letters each frame and shows them to represent the hacking process. There are a whole bunch of things you can gain by doing this. The only super-useful thing I’ve found so far is that you get your maps completely uncovered for you, which is really great for finding the next stair down. You can also find money this way too, though I haven’t really found a super-good use for money yet. You can’t usually buy decent equipment, you wind up being more likely to find them when you kill monsters.

The only other thing I figured worth mentioning is that this is the first Diablo clone I’ve played that had useful exploding barrels. And are they ever! Check this out:

 restrictedareass200802021704.png restrictedareass200802021705.png

You can aggro a whole bunch of monsters and just run along toward your goal until you pass some barrels. Then you run around the barrels until enough of the monsters are gathered, and BOOM. Easy experience and items, good times for all (except those poor bastards I just killed.)