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Big Night O’ Codin’

February 14, 2009

Holy man did I ever do a bunch of stuff tonight. The problem is that when I’ve coded a bunch, I can’t normally show off much about it. Tonight was one such night. So what did I do? Well..

JileEd testing

I did some user testing on JileEd with Blecki and requested some useful features. It already has more things in it that I can make good use of than Mappy did – not to mention the file format is easily-read XML. I look forward to more good things out of this package – I definitely recommend it for your tilemap editing needs.

Tilesheet rearrangement tool

After playing with JileEd for a bit, I was reminded of how awful my Final Fantasy Adventure tilesheet was laid out. Have a look at what I had to go digging for tiles with:

JileEd screenshot

JileEd screenshot

The tileset selection is a mess! It’s because I didn’t try to do any ordering of the tiles when I ripped them, I just wanted a complete set. Well I had enough of that and built a quick-n-dirty tilesheet tile swapper! The tool itself only took a little while, but I spent probably 3 or 4 hours swapping tiles until I wound up with:

FFA Tileset rearranged

FFA Tileset rearranged

Sweet. I can find everything now! Yes I have alot of empty space, and no I’m not going to leave all of those almost-but-not-quite-repeating water tiles like that. I’ll clean that all up before I use it again. I’ll probably wind up being able to cut the texture size in half.

I’m not going to bother showing the swapper tool, its just a window with a picture of the tilesheet in it, and you click on two tiles and they switch places! Not very exciting, see? Anyways, I’m not a lazy bum; I worked my butt off tonight. I’ll be adding in support for JileEd maps just as soon as I’m happy with the reduction in water tiles and the subsequent realignment of tile groups. I’ll need to redo the town map since my tileset indices will be all different.

There’s no escape!

January 17, 2008

At lemur’s request, I dropped in wall collision detection. You can’t walk through walls anymore! It really changes how I find myself collecting items, because I can’t just run away from the monsters forever anymore.

I had no problem putting in wall collisions for underneath the town, as I was generating the maps myself. Getting the town to block my movements was a little trickier. When I originally put in support for the town tilemap, I built the map in Mappy and exported a .MAP file; that file contained only indices into the tileset bitmap so I had something to draw with. I didn’t have any collision information for when I decided to do this, so I had to try and load .FMP files that would have collision info in it. I fought with it, but I got it in.

Wall collision isn’t exactly something I consider worth making an avi over. Posting a picture of it isn’t really going to show much, either. I’d like to have something visual to post every time with, but that just isn’t possible every time. I’ve got a ton of stuff still to do before I’m looking at a Diablo clone, but I’m inching every closer with every step I take.

I think the next thing I’ll be doing is to improve on the floor layout of the dungeons. There’s nothing but open space!